9 Jul 2015

LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender)

Recently, the Supreme Court of the USA legalized same-sex marriage arround American state. It is instantly seized the whole world's attention and caused the pros and cons. When talking about the pros and cons, I included group of counter. Because the conscience and my faith do not justify the same-sex marriage. Some hadiths related this include:

"Why do you come to kind of man among humans, and you leave the wives your Lord who made you, even you are the ones who exceed the limit". (Asy Syu’ara : 165 – 166) 
"Homosexual and Lesbianism more cruel and worse than zina. Prophet -Shollallohu 'Alayhi wa sallam said: "Kill the perpetrator and the target (the object homo)." (HR. Tirmidhi and Ahmad, declared Saheeh by Al-Albani) 
Also It was narrated by the Prophet -Shollallohu 'Alayhi wa sallam, "Allah curse people who did acts of the Prophet Lut -'Alayhiwa sallam (homosexuality and lesbianism)." (At-Targhib wa At-Tarhib: III/287)

In my opinion, if the people who have faith and knowledge of their religion then they will not legalized LGBT even though on behalf of Human Rights because Religious is above anything else in the world.